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CAM Programmer Level 1

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United States

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The Machine Nation

About the Role

CAM Programming Mastery: Develop and optimize CAM programs for multi-axis machining operations, ensuring the efficient and precise production of intricate components.

Collaborative Innovation: Work closely with design engineers, machinists, and production teams to understand project requirements, provide technical insights, and contribute to the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Stay abreast of industry advancements in CAM software, machining technologies, and tooling strategies to implement best practices and maintain a world-class manufacturing environment.

Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough testing and simulations to validate and optimize CAM programs, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, surface finish, and dimensional integrity.

Process Optimization: Identify opportunities for process improvements, toolpath optimization, and cycle time reduction while maintaining a commitment to safety and quality.

Training and Mentorship: Provide guidance and training to junior CAM programmers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development within the team.


Are you a CAM programming virtuoso with a passion for precision engineering and a knack for pushing the boundaries of manufacturing excellence? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as a CAM Programmer Level 1.

As a CAM Programmer Level1, you will be at the forefront of our advanced manufacturing processes, responsible for creating, optimizing, and implementing cutting-edge Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programs. You will play a pivotal role in translating engineering designs into efficient and flawless machining instructions, utilizing your expertise to maximize production efficiency, reduce cycle times, and ensure the highest quality of machined components.

About the Company

About Us: Machine Nation

Machine Nation is dedicated to delivering unparalleled services to modern machine shops, reinvigorating a sector of manufacturing that has been overlooked and diminished for far too long. Our mission is to reignite the essence of traditional machine shops, emphasizing values that prioritize people first, with innovation as a close and indispensable companion.

Our Vision: A Return to Core Values

Founded with a visionary perspective, Machine Nation is committed to preserving the timeless core values of traditional machine shops. In an era where innovation often overshadows tradition, our founder envisions a harmonious blend — a continuity where people are at the forefront, and innovation serves as a catalyst for excellence.

Why Machine Nation?

At Machine Nation, we understand that the heart of manufacturing lies in its people. Our approach is rooted in the belief that prioritizing individuals, combined with a commitment to innovation, results in a powerful synergy. By placing people first, we aim to create a dynamic and sustainable future for the manufacturing sector.

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